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Weather in Brno


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Czech Currency


Actual currency rates (ČNB):

Czech Republic is not a member of the Euro Zone yet. Local currency is Czech Crown (CZK).

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Czech Republic is a member of the European Union since 2004 and the Schengen Area since 2007. Therefore, all visa requests are issued by common Schengen rules. If you are not sure whether you need the visa for your travel to Czech Republic, you may find useful the following pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic, the City of Brno and the European Union:



The tap water is drinkable in the whole area of Brno city. The exceptions are only those few locations in Brno which are not connected to the city conduit but they have their own sources of (supply only) water, like some parks, cemeteries and gardens.



The main source of the electric energy for Brno is the Dukovany Nuclear Power Station at a village Dukovany in about 40 km distance from the city. The nuclear power plant (in total of 4 x 440 MW of power) covers about 20 % of the electricity consumption in Czech Republic. The voltage in Czech republic has the nominal value 230V/50Hz and satisfies the European standards of Power Quality. The plug type used in Czech Republic can be seen on the picture or checked by the link below:

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Common Plug Types Used Around the World

The socket outlet (female plug} is always of type E, the socket inlet (male plug) should be also of type E (3 wires), or C (2 wires). Some inlets in the market are of combined compatibility with outlets of types E, F and can be also used. Otherwise you could have problems and very likely you need a proper reduction.

Warning ! The plug reduction usually does not change the voltage and so your appliance can burn out if it is not 230V/50Hz compatible. Please check the voltage and frequency compatibility of your appliances which you plan to use in Czech Republic.


Tourist Information and Services

In Brno and its neighborhood there are many interesting places, like Castle ©pilberk, Villa Tugendhat, Castle Slavkov-AusterlitzThe Memorial of Austerlitz, Castle Veveří, Lednice Chateau, Valtice Chateau, Moravian Karst (for caves also see here), The national Wine Centre and others. Some useful tourism-related links you may also find below:


Rent a car

There are many possibilities for renting a car in Brno, and below you can find some links. Although we have no personal experience with this service as Brno residents, we select some companies having internet pages in English and a global range of activity (Europe, Czech Republic).


Live from Brno


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