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dictionary of mathematical terminology

The dictionary has been tailored primarily for use at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology (FEEC BUT). Classification of terms may not be transferrable. Subject refers to the subject taught at FEEC BUT. Classification by subject is a rough one only - we recommend checking the prerequisites option. Text given under usual meaning is meant to make navigation and understanding easier. The texts of usual meaning were obtained mostly from texts used at FEEC BUT. Applicable commands are included in order to make work with the respective software products and navigation in their help files easier and more efficient - only most common, or rather most widely used commands may be included.

The dictionary contains approx. 2400 entries.


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The bilingual dictionary of mathematical terminology as well as lists from it may be used without any restrictions for study and scientific purposes only. Any other use (especially use for commercial purposes) is liable to the prior written consent of the authors. Any use of the dictionary logo is prohibited.

The bilingual dictionary of mathematical terminology is a result of a FRVŠ grant No. 122/2006
Jazyková podpora výuky matematických předmětů.

© 2006, Michal Novák & Petra Langerová